Camm Properties


Northern Group

Natal Downs, Longton and Narellan

Charters Towers 390,600Ha 

An adjoining aggregation of breeder and backgrounder country with ongoing farming development. This is the grass raised cattle powerhouse of the group carrying up to 45,000 head.

CQ Group

Picardy, Nungaroo and Marracoonda

Moranbah / Clermont 40,354Ha

Three closely aligned highly productive backgrounding and fattening properties. Consisting of mix of land types from Isaac River frontage to developed Brigalow scrub and open downs these properties are unitised to grow out feeder steers and cull females.

Southern Group

Wonga Plains, Morocco and Melrose

Dalby / Surat / Kingaroy 23,326Ha

An integrated backgrounding, farming and finishing operation located in the heart of South East Queensland. Melrose is one of the largest cattle properties in its area. With River frontage to the Stuart River and sweet creek flats this developed forestry country is used for breeding and backgrounding. Morocco is a large scale irrigation and dryland farming operation on the Balonne River. 

Wonga Plains is an award winning feedlot development surrounded by an adjoining 4,500Ha farming and backgrounding operation. Making it one of the largest aggregations on the Darling Downs.