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work as a Station Hand

A station hand plays a vital role in the day-to-day operations of the ag environment. From animal care to maintenance tasks, supporting in operations to mustering and environmental management - every day will be different! Station hands are crucial for a property to run efficiently.

join our feed team

The feed team manages and operates the feedlot, focusing on the nutrition and feeding of cattle. You would be working with a team across tasks such as feed preparation and delivery, equipment operation, inventory management, quality control, record keeping and collaborating with nutritionists.

What about the livestock team?

The livestock team ensure the health and welfare of the animals. Some key day to day responsibilities include mustering and handling, health management, breeding management, nutrition management, maintenance of the yards, and practicing sustainable agricultural actions.

Work as a farm hand

A farm hand is a versatile and essential worker on every property. You would be responsible for a wide range of duties that might include, animal care, crop management, equipment operation and maintenance, building and grounds maintenance, pest and weed control, record keeping, general labor and supporting our operations.


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Experience is always welcomed, of course, but if you’re searching for a career in ag and looking for a place to start – Camm Ag is ready to invest into your skills and provide you with the training to succeed.

To apply for a job at Camm Agricultural Group, send your resume to [email protected].