Environmental Management

Camm Agricultural Group is the custodian of over 450,000 hectares of prime agricultural land. We are committed to its sustainable management for future generations and natural capital creation for our wider community. 

Current projects on this front include feedlot waste utilisation and composting, improved water runoff quality outcomes and emission reductions through sustainable energy use. 

CAG is also reducing our emissions through the implementation of solar energy generation projects, now delivering over 60% of our feedlot electricity requirements. The business is in the final stages of converting our diesel-powered water pumping to solar units.

Animal Welfare

Across our extensive and intensive operations, good animal welfare outcomes are front of mind. We follow the principles of the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare, including: 


– Freedom from hunger and thirst

– Freedom from discomfort

– Freedom from pain, injury or disease

– Freedom to express normal behavior

– Freedom from fear and distress


One of the key projects in delivering enhanced animal welfare outcomes has been the implementation of shade to the majority of our feedlot operations.

Our People

Our business would simply not exist without a great team. 

We take pride that many of our people have been part of driving our business for over ten years. Our workplace satisfaction surveys continually demonstrate team members recommendation to colleagues that Camm Ag is a desirable workplace. 

We have implemented an Employee Assistance Program to ensure team members have the support required to face life and workplace challenges and our safety system evolves to the needs of our operations and is employee led, with a strong focus on digital adoption for ease of use.


Camm Agricultural Group is a prominent supporter of the communities in which we operate, be that through volunteering time to support local clubs and events, driving causes such as female participation or participating in community policy and development movements. 

Camm Agricultural Group is a celebrator of culture, diversity and inclusion. We understand that the return for our business and people is tenfold when we invest in the growth of our communities.